Special Events

Ash Wednesday & the Upcoming Lent Season – 2018

Ash Wednesday is February 14 this year. On that day we’ll gather for worship at 7:00pm. Beginning the following week, Feb. 21, we will start our Soup Supper Wednesdays at 6:15pm followed by a Lenten worship at 7:00pm. There’s a signup sheet on the Opportunities bulletin board if you’d like to volunteer to provide soup or bread for one of these midweek meals. (Easter is April 1.)

Sleeping Bags for Our Homeless Neighbors

Many of us have some extra sleeping bags in our garages or our sheds, maybe some we haven’t used for many years.   Marcia Wakeland tells us that there is an informal “give away time” of supplies for homeless folks that happens once a month at Central Lutheran.  One of the most coveted items is sleeping bags, which Marcia said are snapped up in the first few minutes.

If you have some unused bags, talk to Pastor Martin or Marcia Wakeland, or bring them to the church, where Marcia can get them to the folks who organize this event each month.  Thank you.

Faith & Understanding Series

The next in our series – March 20!



Household E-waste Recycling

We will be having our recycling event Saturday, May 19nd, 2018. This recycling is for household electronics and our partner in this is Total Reclaim. The cost is FREE / carload, which is quite a deal considering how much it costs to recycle. A carload can only contain 2 monitors or 2 TVS, or 1 of each. More monitors or large screen TVs would have an extra cost. Appliances (refrigerator, dryer, washer) and smoke detectors are not allowed because appliances take up too much room and smoke detectors contain radioactive materials. This event will go from 10 – 2 on the 19st. If you’d like to help, they will start set up at 9:30 and we’ve divided times into two slots 9:30 to 12 and 12 to 2:30. Volunteers usually just help direct traffic, answer questions, etc. No real manual labor because Total Reclaim brings a bunch of guys to disassemble the materials into their component parts. Let your neighbors and co-workers know. We have pamphlets you can distribute if you would. Let’s keep these things out of the dump!

– Kathy Huntington



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