2018-2019 Confirmation Instruction began Sunday, October 7 at noon

Confirmation Begins and Mentors Needed

We doing a new thing with Confirmation instruction this year.  We will still be working with Table of Grace Lutheran in Bethel and using computer video technology to connect with their students.  The change comes in that they also have a new part-time pastor, Ron Rucker, who travels to Bethel on the third Sunday of each month. Pastor Ron will be a co-instructor with Pastor Martin and we thought it would be good to have at least one of the sessions happen when he is in Bethel with his kids.

Our plan is to have Conformation twice a month, on first and third Sundays starting at noon and ending about 1:30. Ron will join us in person on the first Sunday, and by video conference on the third.  We plan to begin on Sunday, October 7th at noon.

Many of folks have schedules that make Wednesday evenings difficult to attend and while not all Sundays may be clear either, we are hoping that moving the day will allow most of us to attend most of the time. We’ve noted that the Anchorage congregations have had better results with a Sunday time.

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