2017-2018 Confirmation Instruction began Wednesday, September 20

Confirmation Begins and Mentors Needed

Confirmation classes started September 20.  It’s not to late to join us!  We meet Wednesdays at 5:30PM at church in Brause Fellowship Hall.  Dinner is provided.  Throughout the year, participating families can sign up to provide a dinner for one (or more) of the weeks.  This is two years of learning about the church, the Bible, and God, and ought to be formative time in the faith lives of our 7th and 8th graders. For most youth, this culminates in an affirmation of baptism (aka confirmation) which is a profession of Christian faith, and intent to wrestle with the questions of Christianity for their lifetimes. To aid in the faith formation of our youth, we are looking for adults- who are not their parents/ caregivers- to serve as one-on-one mentors.

We are revising the format for how we will be using mentors this year, going back to the one-on-one system. We need about 10 people who are willing to serve in this rewarding and important ministry. We will have a more complete outline available at worship the next two Sundays, but briefly:

  • A good mentor listens to their mentee, and takes an active interest in their life and faith.
  • A good mentor shares their faith story/-ies, and how they see God active in their life.
  • Mentors are supported by Pr. Martin, and Intern Pr. Kate. They may also offer support to one another.
  • There will be an orientation for mentors Sept. 13. Details to come. Prospective mentors and students will each fill out a short application. Based on these, any related conversations, and Pr. Martin’s knowledge each person, he and Intern Pr. Kate will make pairing recommendations. Any pairing conflicts will be worked out as needed.
  • Does not need to be here on Wed. nights (but are welcome if they wish to). Should meet with their mentee once a month and try to keep touch via texts and/or phone calls.

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