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Just be. In a world that urges, commands, expects and rewards doing, it’s easy to drift away from the source of our deeper yearning—to just be with God/the Creator/Holy One/Beloved or however you name that which can’t be named. It is a daily practice to remember that God does not require us to do anything (that’s grace), only to be all we already are—a person of God. And this God seeks us just for that alone. To be with us.

Can you sit for five minutes, just being? No phone, no music, no reading, no distractions. Just being, noticing that deeper part of yourself that connects with the Holy. Yes, just that. Just sitting and doing nothing for five minutes, creating space for connection.  Set the timer. Breathe. Notice what happens. If you can’t do it, be curious. Why? What is the barrier to just relaxing in Holy space? Again, no judgment, just be curious. Just be.

Pastor Marcia Wakeland is a retired ELCA pastor, a spiritual director and a listening advocate. She is interested in the actual experience of having faith and how that is lived out. She can be reached at for comments or more questions Her ongoing blog of living out spiritual practices is