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Lutheran Social Services of Alaska have asked for our help completing a service project!  The project is packing 600 bags with supplies for vulnerable seniors in our communities. This is a great opportunity for our students to make a difference in our community! 

Here is the description:
The bags are focused on safety items for our seniors. They include whistle keychain, emergency blanket, hand warmers, water, mini first aid kit, flashlight, hand sanitizer, 7-day pill box, food bar, tissues, and a rain poncho all put in a drawstring backpack. The bags are part of the Santa for Seniors program that LSSA has started. Three times a year a small gift bag is given to those seniors who are receiving government food boxes through LSSA. In the summer/fall the emphasis is on safety thus all the emergency supplies. Let the kids know that before Covid there were 150 federal food boxes given to seniors. Now there are 600+ boxes. Our program is also trying to address isolation issues that are affecting our most vulnerable seniors.