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Just as Jesus raised Lazarus, Jesus was raised by God, Jesus raises us up, and we are called to raise each other up! This is the mission of the RAISE group - raising each other up. We accomplish this by living out the RAISE values

  • Resoure/Respect for all, especially the marginalized.
  • Adovcating in ways that are meaningful and tangible for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Inspiring to those who feel uninspired or dis-spirited
  • Spirituality supporting who don't feel support from their own families
  • Educating those who have questions about the LGBTQ community but don't know how or who to ask but have a safe place to "just ask". 

If this type of ministry speaks to you, join us for some upcoming meetings. Complete this INTEREST FORM  and we'll make sure to include you on the group emails.